cookie Meet Cookie!  Cookie is a 13 year old Shih Tzu.  She was rescued a little over 2 years ago here in Sonoma county.  Her mom self grooms her, knowing it makes it easier and less stressful, she’s an older girl who is blind and going deaf which makes it difficult for her to be groomed. Cookie was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and diabetes shortly after being adopted.

cookie2  Cookie after her Debbie’s Pet Boutique makeover!!

Puppy  Meet Puppy!  Someone dropped him off in the owners yard when he was just 6month old.  He’s a very playful pup who lives with two other dogs and absolutely loves cats.  Pup is spunky, playful, and an absolute doll. The owners are known to take in strays or unwanted pets and find people dropping them off all the time.

Puppy2  Puppy after his Debbie’s Pet Boutique makeover!!

Big or Small she loves them All.